Recordation Fees

Effective September 1, 2014, in accordance with the recent Act No. 826 of the Regular Legislative Session R.S. 13:754:1F for the new Portal system the following charges will apply to all recordation in St. Charles Parish:


First Page/Per Book $30.00
(includes the 1st three names index)
Each Additional Page $10.00
Recordation Certificate $5.00
(each name after the 3rd name)

Larger than legal size maps, surveys, plats and attachment (s) to recorded documents will be charged $10.00 per page for an 8.5″ x 14″ page.


Louisiana State Agency Lease (with conventional rider) $150.00
Tax Lien recorded in both Mortgage & UCC $60.00
Marriage License $35.00


Mortgage certificate and L&P certificate $20.00 for 1st name
$10 (each additional name)
Chattel Mortgage Certificate $15.00 for 1st name
$5.00 (each additional name)


Release/Affidavit Promissory Notes Recording $30.00 (includes the 1st three names index)
$10.00 each additional page
$5.00 per cancellation
Certificate of Cancellation $5.00 each


Certified Copies $2.00 per page
Conformed Copies $5.00 per document
Xerox Copies – in office $1.00 per page
Faxed/Emailed copies

Mail Copies Fee
$5.00 initial fax/email fee and
$ 3.00 (per page)
$ 2.00 shipping & handling + postage (if no SASE)

NOTE: if the instrument must be recorded in mortgage and conveyance records, the recording fee will be twice the amount.

Every document filed for recordation shall be captioned as the type of Act on the first page and shall have on the first page a margin of two inches at the top and one inch at the bottom and sides. The type size shall not be less than eight (8) points.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) revised Article 9 will be adopted in Louisiana.

Effective July 1, 2001. Acceptable filing forms and filing fees have been amended as follows:

Standard UCC filing forms: Louisiana approved UCC-1 Financing Statement, Louisiana approved UCC-3 Amendment Form, the National Approved UCC-1 Financing Statement, and the National approved Amendment Form. All Louisiana filing forms approved prior to July 1, 2001 will continue to be accepted as standard until January 1, 2002; however, we do encourage the use of the July 1, 2001 version of the Louisiana approved form. Any other UCC forms will be accepted as non-standard and will be charged an additional $ 15.00 non-standard fee.

UCC-1-One Debtor Fees reflected below include a $ 5.00 prepaid termination fee.

Financing Statement $30.00
Financing Statement with Assignment $35.00
Financing Statmement Relative to “As Extracted Collateral” of Fixture Filing $40.00
Financing Statement (Transmitting Utility) $205.00
Financing Statement (Public Finance Transaction) $105.00
Attachments $2.00 each
Additional Debtor Names $10.00 each
Non-Standard Form Fee $5.00

UCC-3-One Debtor

Amendment $25.00
Continuation $25.00
Assignment $25.00
Debtor Correction $25.00
Master Assignment/Amendment (per Financing Statement) $5.00
Attachments $2.00 each
Termination ($5.00 per debtor name)
(Paid in Advance)
No Charge
Addition debtors named on original $5.00 each


UCC Certificate (per debtor name)
(additional $1.00 for each listing after tenth)

Mortgage and Conveyance Department Searches

Marriage Record Search
(If we are able to locate the record, a certified copy of the license will be included)
Plat, Deed. Mortgage, Sale, etc. Searches $15.00/hour (minimum of one hour)