Juvenile Drug Court

St. Charles Parish courts announce plans for Juvenile Drug Court

Plan would complete continuum of mental health services available
(Revised July 1, 2014)

Judge Lauren Lemmon is pleased to announce the approval of a Juvenile Drug Court by the Louisiana Supreme Court, with the goal of having a Juvenile Drug Court operational in mid-2014.

Formation of a Juvenile Drug Court will be the final piece of the puzzle providing a continuum of mental health services offered by the 29th Judicial District Court to St. Charles Parish residents. Planning for these services was started by the judges of the 29th Judicial District Court in 1998. Services started in 1999 and have been ongoing since.

The models utilized are part of a nationwide-wide trend in the justice system to promote proactive, problem-solving courts in addressing the needs of modern society. A review of the court-sponsored programs follows.

Juvenile Drug Court
The Juvenile Drug Court Team includes representatives from the 29th Judicial District Court, the St. Charles Parish District Attorney’s Office, the 29th Judicial District Indigent Defender Board, St. Charles Parish Schools, a substance abuse counselor with experience in Drug Court treatment and a Juvenile Drug court coordinator / compliance officer.

Drug Courts have been the primary leader in the formulation of the problem-solving court model. Drug Courts have a 20-year history of success nationwide in helping individuals with an alcohol or substance abuse problem acquire skills to successfully overcome their addictions, become contributing members of society and stay out of the criminal justice system.

The primary goal of the St. Charles Parish Juvenile Drug Court will be to provide services to juveniles with potential substance abuse problems (alcohol, prescription drugs or illegal substances) PRIOR to being convicted of any charges. Through substance abuse counseling, court appearances, drug testing and monitoring by a compliance officer, this pre-trial, pre-adjudication program is geared to provide juveniles and their families with the tools necessary to abstain from the illicit use of addictive substances for life.

Judge Lauren Lemmon started the Juvenile Drug Court planning process after witnessing the success of many of the graduates of the local Adult Drug Court.

More Information
For more information about the St. Charles Parish Juvenile Drug Court program, contact the representative below. Click on the name for more information.

Levy, Mary Ann Juvenile Drug Court Coordinator 29th Judicial District Court (985) 783-3214 mlevy@stcharlesgov.net