Civil & Probate Filing Fees

Effective April 11, 2014

In Accordance with the R.S. 13:841, ACT 243 of the Louisiana Legislature


Petition – With or Without Service $350.00
• w/TRO or Rule $400.00
• w/TRO and Rule $450.00
Executory Process $1000.00
Successions $500.00
Plus Secretary of State Fees (if required) & Commissioner of Insurance $50.00

Note: These filings include Answer and Reconventional Demands, Third Party Demands, Cross Claims, Supplemental and Amended Petitions, Garnishments, and/or any other Petitions filed into existing suits.

Subsequent Pleadings – 1 Service $200.00
Each Additional Service $80.00
Pleadings – NO Service $100.00

Note: These filings include Exceptions, Judgment Debtor Rules, Motions, Discovery Pleadings, Requests for Writs, Requests for Cancellations, etc.

Clerk’s Docket Suits (Small Claims) $350.00
Summons/Subpoenas $80.00
Witness Fees (per person) $30.00

Separate checks, payable to the Sheriff, are required for services being made in the following parishes:

Caddo ($30.00 per paper w/additional charge for mileage $5.00 (mileage inside of the city limits) all papers in Shreveport)

$15.00 mileage (outside city limits)

The following towns & villages are considered outside the city limits: Greenwood, Keithville, Vivian, Mooringsport, Rodessa, Gilliam, Belcher, Oil City, Bethany, Blanchard, Mira, Ida and Hosston

Plaquemines ($30.00 per document)

East Baton Rouge (fee by zip code) see costs sheet

Tangipahoa ($30.00 plus mileage charges See costs sheet)

Jefferson (flat fee $30.00)

Please contact the Clerk’s Office for the amount due for service in these parishes.